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iSiegel Consulting, founded in 1999, is a technology firm that provides fractional and interim IT leadership and value added advisory services to aid CFOs and upper management who have need for immediate solutions that improve performance, reduce spend, and increase operational efficiency.

Our expert project teams consist of seasoned IT professionals with 10 plus years of experience. We commonly work with CEOs, CFOs and Board of Directors of small to medium sized companies.

 Clients with the need for a leader with specialized skills in IT management sometimes engage an iSiegel partner to lead the IT organization in an interim capacity.

Our services

Our CIOs and CTOs and their teams find solutions to the most demanding operational and organizational challenges facing CEOs & CFOs. We help upper management bring IT costs under control, address security issues, respond to audits from clients and regulatory agencies, meet governance and compliance requirements, align IT departments with business objectives.

-  M&A Due Diligence, Integration and Planning

-  Cyber Security

-  Organization and Governance Design

-  Application

-  Budget/Project Management

-  Migration to the Cloud

-   DR and Business Continuity

-   IT Strategy

-   IT Cost Reduction

-   Network Design

-   Meeting Compliance

-   Foreign Entities

Our Solutions

-  Legal industry

iSiegel's recent project with a regional law firm  included a document review  and Automated AI based end-to-end. We automated and integrated recruiting, payroll and billing systems , upgraded financial systems and architected and implemented a Disaster Recovery solution.

-  Major regional bank

When a regional bank wanted to expand nationally, they call on iSiegel for support. We created an application to benchmark the performance of bank branch management and to evaluate new clients. Their call center sales response success rate increased 60%.

-  national business services company

After super storm Sandy brought all of their systems down, iSiegel was brought in. We updated, installed and implemented an entirely new financial tracking system. We reengineered their phone network, managed vendors, and transformed the network to enable a complete suite of products including mail, interoffice communication and file backup.

-  national woman's health non-profit organization

An important project was failing and they had already invested 2 million dollars. iSiegel provided critical interim IT leadership resulting in a re-organization of the IT teams and successful completion of the project.

- wealth management information provider to major banks

Their technology systems were sorely inadequate. iSiegel installed a new accounting system, designed and implemented production and DR environments. We built an enterprise application that enabled high net worth individuals to have current (daily) comprehensive information about everything they owed or owned. We developed the largest and most sophisticated aggregated / consolidated database ever built for this purpose. At the end of the day the system was reconciling over one billion transaction each day.

-  Medical Application Development

When a medical device firm wanted to develop a screening application they called on iSiegel. We assembled a team of doctors, medical researchers and developers to create a new breakthrough imaging technology designed to screen over 200 genetic disorders including Autism with 90% accuracy. The proprietary system uses cutting edge 3D pat­tern recognition and dense modeling technology. We successfully negotiated a partnership deal with Stonybrook University to help design and build the system.

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